Cryptocurrency arbitrage:
the easiest, safest way to earn returns from cryptocurrency.

"With deep operational experience in alternative investments, we’re uniquely positioned at the intersection of crypto pioneers and traditional asset management."
David Farelo – Head of Operations & Trading


Send money to the USA
Buy cryptocurrency
Sell cryptocurrency for a profit
Send cryptocurrency back to SA


CURRENCY HUB legally performs the whole arbitrage trading process on behalf of our clients using our FSCA & FOREX license to buy US Dollars (R200k min).

The US Dollars are then converted into a cryptocurrency on an offshore exchange, immediately transferred to a local RSA exchange and converted back to Rands at a Premium.

The process is highly efficient, taking a few minutes to create a trading profit of 1-5% from up to R11m traded each year using your offshore investment allowance.


  • Kevin
    After being referred to Currency Hub from a friend of mine, I utilised their services during 2019 and 2020, and was delighted by the returns on my capital within such a short period of time. They far exceeded my expectations, and I couldn’t wait for the next trades.
  • Cornelius
    To any prospective client, I would strongly encourage you to consider the arbitrage opportunity. I have had the privilege of having Dave facilitate multiple transactions, not only for myself but for my family as well.
  • Katlego
    I am grateful that I took advantage of the arbitrage trades. The service from your company is professional, prompt and transparent
  • Shaun
    Always a pleasure using the services of Currency Hub thanks, Amazing job you guys do! Thank you.
  • Ange
    I’ve been very satisfied with Currency Hub thanks and won’t hesitate to refer you!
  • Mark
    I would like to say how impressed I am with your operation and your staff professionalism . Very impressive !!!!
  • Tyron
    We are extremely happy with your service - thank you! I will certainly refer you to my friends / family
  • Le Roux
    I have had nothing but great service from your team and I am happy with Currency Hub overall.
  • Tim
    Always efficient and organised, not forgetting the return on my investment given the current market conditions we're currently faced with.
  • Stephen
    David’s transparency and professionalism were impeccable.
  • Susan
    It is seldom that something that sounds too good to be true actually is. Thank you Currency Hub !!
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